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Top Selling Modal Panties

All You Need To Know About Modal

We love Modal, so let us start at the beginning. Modal is a soft textile fiber developed by spinning cellulose in beech trees. Modal is somewhat similar to rayon but much better. The fabric has increased in popularity lately based on it's soft and durable qualities. You can now regularly find Modal or a Modal blend in towels, bathrobes, bedsheets, socks, and women's and men's intimate clothing. Check the tag of your most comfortable undies. They might include Modal! Here are just a few benefits of Modal fabrics: No shrinkage, No fading, Smoother and Softer than Cotton, Extremely easy to clean because things because things just fall off the fabric during the washing process and it holds color nicely. Here at WhatIsModal.com we like to showcase a few popular items with Modal Inside. Go ahead and give these items a try. After wearing this fabric for a day, we are confident you will be a Modal convert just like us. We absolutely love it!

Carmen Garcia
Carmen Garcia